For use with GM and Chevy Axles

Differential Installation Kits for GM and Chevy Axles

Sierra Gear and Axle’s Differential Repair and Installation Kits for GM are the most complete in the industry. We assemble each kit using only the highest quality components like Timken Bearings and National Seals. Each of our kits are designed to ensure a trouble-free installation and long-lasting performance.

Several different kits are available for each application, each tailored for the type of differential repair being performed. Whether you’re doing a complete differential repair, differential gear ratio change, budget rebuild or pinion bearing replacement, we have got the ideal kit for you.

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Application Chart:

Ring and Pinion Repair and Installation Kits application chart.

Differential Installation Kits for GM

Differential Repair & Installation Kits

 GM Application:  Master Kit  Bearing Kit  Pinion Kit  Mini Kit
 ’55 Truck / Passenger  IK GM55  BK GM55  PK GM55  MK GM55
 ’63-’79 Corvette  IK VET  BK VET  PK VET  MK VET
 ’97-’05 C5 Vette Getrag  BK VETGR
 7.25″ – GM IFS  IK GM7.25  BK GM7.25  PK GM7.25  MK GM7.25
 7.25″ – GM ’03 & Up  IK GM7.25B  BK GM7.25B
 7.25″ – GM Trailblazer SS  IK GM7.25C  BK GM7.25C
 7.5″ – ’81 & Down  IK GM7.5  BK GM7.5  PK GM7.5  MK GM7.5
 7.5″ – GM ’82 – ’02  IK GM7.5B  BK GM7.5B  PK GM7.5B  MK GM7.5B
 7.6″ – GM ’00 & Up Rear, H3 Front  IK GM7.6  BK GM7.6  PK GM7.6  MK GM7.6
 7.6″ – Camaro V6  IK GM7.6  BK GM7.6  PK GM7.6  MK GM7.6
 7.75″ – Borg Warner  IK GM7.75  BK GM7.75  PK GM7.75
 8″  IK GM8  BK GM8  PK GM8  MK GM8
 8.2″  IK GM8.2  BK GM8.2  PK GM8.2  MK GM8.2
 8.2″ – BOP  IK BP8.2  BK BP8.2  PK BP8.2  MK BP8.2
 8.25″ – IFS  IK GM8.25  BK GM8.25  PK GM8.25  MK GM8.25
 8.5″ Rear – ’95 & Down  IK GM8.5  BK GM8.5  PK GM8.5  MK GM8.5
 8.5″ Front – ’88 & Down  IK GM8.5F  BK GM8.5F  PK GM8.5F  MK GM8.5F
 8.5″ – TrueTrac, Detroit, AG Pro ’95 & Down  IK GM8.5E  BK GM8.5E  PK GM8.5  MK GM8.5
 8.6″ LM501349 – ’96-’99  IK GM8.6  BK GM8.6  PK GM8.6  MK GM8.6
 8.6″ – ’96-’99 Eaton, AG Pro, Detroit, TT  IK GM8.6E  BK GM8.6E  PK GM8.6  MK GM8.6
 8.6″ – ’99-’08 LM603049  IK GM8.6B  BK GM8.6B  PK GM8.6  MK GM8.6B
 8.6″ – ’09 – ’18  IK GM8.6C  BK GM8.6C  PK GM8.6C
 8.6″ – ’19 & Up  IK GM8.6C  BK GM8.6C  PK GM8.6C
 8.6″ Camaro V8  IK GM8.6CAM  BK GM8.6CAM  PK GM8.6CAM  MK GM8.6CAM
 8.75″ 12B R/G 10B Cover  IK GM8.75  BK GM8.75
 8.875″ 10B  IK GM8.875  BK GM8.875
 12 Bolt Passenger  IK GM12P  BK GM12P  PK GM12P  MK GM12P
 12 Bolt Truck  IK GM12T  BK GM12T  PK GM12T  MK GM12T
 9.25″ IFS  IK GM9.25  BK GM9.25  PK GM9.25  MK GM9.25
 9.5″ – ’95 & Down  IK GM9.5  BK GM9.5  PK GM9.5  MK GM9.5
 9.5″ – ’96 – ’13  IK GM9.5B  BK GM9.5B  PK GM9.5B  MK GM9.5B
 9.5″ – ’14 – ’18  IK GM9.5C  BK GM9.5C  PK GM9.5C  MK GM9.5C
 9.5″ – ’19 & Up  BK GM9.5D
 9.76″ – ’14 & Up  BK GM9.76 PK GM9.76
 9.76″ – ’14 to ’18 Conversion  IK GM9.76CONV
 9.76″ – ’19 & Up BK GM9.5D
 10.5″ – ’88 & Down  IK GM10.5  BK GM10.5  PK GM10.5  MK GM10.5
 10.5″ – ’88-’95  IK GM10.5B  BK GM10.5B  PK GM10.5B  MK GM10.5B
 10.5″ – ’96 & Up  IK GM10.5C  BK GM10.5C  PK GM10.5C  MK GM10.5C
 11.5″ – ’01-’10  IK A11.5  BK A11.5  PK A11.5  MK A11.5
 11.5″ – ’11-’18  IK A11.5B  BK A11.5B  PK A11.5B  MK A11.5
 HO72 w/o Load Bolt  IK GMHO72  BK GMHO72  PK GMHO72
 HO72 w/ Load Bolt  IK GMHO72B  BK GMHO72B  PK GMHO72B

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