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New Ring & Pinion Gear Break-In

New Ring & Pinion Gear Break-In Procedure - All new ring & pinion gear sets must be properly broken in!!!

Improper ring & pinion gear break-in procedures may cause overloading and overheating of the ring and pinion gears as well as break down of the gear oil. Failure to follow the New Ring & Pinion Gear break-in procedure can be identified by inspection and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re replacing the ring & pinion gear set, don’t plan on heading up over that mountain pass or hooking up that heavy trailer just yet….. Following the simple steps outlined below before you head out can prevent potential noise issues or gear damage.

  • Proper gear break-in involves 15-20 miles of normal driving at less than highway speeds, followed by a STOP to let the differential cool completelyRepeat the process several times. Avoid heavy acceleration or high speeds during the break-in period.
  • Maintaining a speed below 60 mph and driving conservatively for the first 100 miles is advised.
  • The gear oil should be changed after 500 miles.
  • We recommend that you drive at least 500 miles before any heavy use or towing.
  • During the first 45 miles of actual towing, only drive 10-15 miles at a time before stopping to let the differential cool (at least once).

These steps are necessary to prevent damage to the new ring & pinion gear. Any heavy use or overloading of the differential during the first 500 miles may cause irreparable damage to the gear set.

If you are unsure about how to properly break in your new gear set, or have any other technical questions, our gear & axle specialists are here to help. You can reach us by phone Monday thru Friday at (800) 720-0950 or by email at sales@sierragear.com


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