How to Measure Bolt Circles and Axle Shafts
Axle Measurement

Axle Shaft Lengths, Spline Counts and Bolt Circles

Measuring axle shaft length correctly is a critical step in replacing or upgrading axle shafts. Whether you are looking for a rare or hard-to-find axle, have a custom width housing or simply need a stock replacement for a daily driver, determining correct measurements and spline counts can save time and money. By using the guide below, you can reference the same dimensions and specifications that our parts experts use.

Nearly all of our Axle shaft application charts include specifications for axle shaft length spline count and lug count.(Find the application listings in the “Axles” tab in the top menu) If you are unsure about which axle shaft will fit your particular application, consult your parts specialist or contact Sierra Gear & Axle directly at (800)792-2714 for assistance.

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